The purpose of this page is to reward the members that read my daily letters. It's in your best interest to support the company so the company has the funds to keep fresh leads in your submitters.

My performance enhancing, submission boosting AdBoost Codes are catching on quick and not everyone has the time to perform the tasks to get their AdBoost Codes the way that I had intended, so people started asking me to sell them the AdBoost Codes. All AdBoost Codes help you. The higher the percentage the more help it wil be to you. I'm offering a 200% code that will be a big help for only $20 and a 500% code, which will put your ads on steroids, for $40! Normally I sell a little 25% code for $20 so this 200% code is a great deal and the 500% code is a must have for the pros. These are lifetime codes, unlike the free ones that I'm considering getting rid of.

After you order you will be sent directly to the code generator and your unique code will be displayed on the page, write it down, screenshoot it, whatever you do to save it. The code is not emailed to you.