These Are My Policies And Basic Information

This Policy Governs All Domains Managed By Five Star Services and or Global Ad Solutions


Basic Common Sense Rules

01)   All sales are final. No refunds. You may be able to negotiate an exchange with me if you're dissatisfied.

02)   My satisfaction guarantee offers an exchange of equal or lesser value of the service you're not happy with.

03)   You can not use a pop-up blocker. I use revenue generated by pop-ups to acquire leads for the submitters.

04)   You must be on my mailing list and be reading a minimum of two letters per week. Sign-up here.

05)   There is a small service charge for using the help desk, avoid the fee by following all of my instructions.

06)   No oversubmitting. Most submitters have a cool down period between submissions, mind your submission times.

07)   Use trackers at your own risk, due to GMail's algorithm up to 70% of ads with ad trackers are deleted.

08)   In the event there are no funds to acquire leads, I reserve the right to use other methods of advertising for you.

09)   On average 1/3 of all revenue is used to acquire leads and my subscription services ensure fresh leads forever.

10)   Clients are not permitted to sell, share, or give away their login. Only the buyer can use the submitters.

11)   Reseller sites are available on most submitters when you provide a domain name, contact the site owner for details.

12)   Reseller sites require your own domain name, that domain name should be a .com, .net, .us, .xyz, .co, .today, .club or .biz.

13)   When you want your subscription cancelled you can do so at the help desk and your membership will be cancelled immediately. Don't cancel until you're ready for your membership to be cancelled.

System Requirements

A minimum of Windows 7 with a screen resolution of at least 1366x768 using the Google Chrome browser was tested and works perfectly, other browsers and telephones may work, but not as well and may not display all of the pages properly. My current configuration is Windows 10 with the screen resolution of 1366x768 and I'm using the Google Chrome browser.

In Closing

This policy is up to date as of and if I change my policies I'll post the revised version here. If you can think of anything important to add to this let me know and if I integrate it into this page you will be rewarded. Submit your ideas through the help desk and be sure to use valid contact information so I can reach you with your reward.